How to hang a canvas

Would you like to feel up that blank spot on the wall and have no idea on how to hang a canvas print?

Here are some easy steps to help you out.
Materials you are going to need:

  • A hammer
  • A nail
  • A Tape measure
  • A chalk

Step 1: Measuring the Height

You are looking for your artwork to have a relationship with the room and the furniture, so your eye would focus on one unit and not forced to scatter all over the room. Hanging your artwork at 58” to 60” high, this is the average eye level for most people. If you are going above furniture you want to go somewhere between 8” -16”, depending on the height of the furniture and the wall space above it.



Step 2: Marking the spot

This is a little insider trick that the pros don’t tell you about when instructing how to hang canvas art. All of Stretch and Staple’s canvas art prints have saw tooth hangers pre-installed on them. You may sometimes notice that the hanger is not mounted in the exact center. This is because we install the hanger at the center of gravity on the canvas art piece, so if the wood on one side is heavier than the wood on the other side your canvas print will still hang straight. You will notice a little raised bump right above the center tooth on the saw tooth hanger. Take your chalk and rub a little of it on the bump.

Chalk Mark

Grab the canvas art and line it on the wall where it’s going. Make contact with the wall where you rubbed the chalk on the hanger and then remove the canvas.

Place on spot

The spot created on the wall is where you put the nail.

See Spot

Step 3: The Nail

The good thing about canvas art is that it is relatively light and can be hung on one nail, so you can easily adjust the piece on one nail.

Nail on wall

The results:





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Alexis 28.01.2018

Very helpful Article, never knew it was the safe way to hang a Canvas. Great website and collection!

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